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The Adventures of Andy MacDonald, Book 1


The Adventures of Andy MacDonald, Book 1, by Janet Lawson

Suitable for children ages 6-10 years

Available in paperback and eBook from Amazon 


My latest self-published book for children is about a 7-year-old-boy called Andy Macdonald who lives on the fictitious Scottish Island of Narra. Andy has a special, spiritual gift that attracts lots of adventures into his life. Andy uncovers a mystery that is taking place inside an old house. He visits the elementals who live in Roslin Glen, near Edinburgh, and he helps to heal the Ley lines that flow through Roslin Glen. Andy travels through the Universe in his own special spaceship called Merkabah, meeting a spaceman from Sirius, who tells Andy how his spaceship is able to fly. Andy also sees the positive changes that have taken place on the planet Earth when he travels into the future with Merkabah. And at the end of the story, Andy has fun at an Eid al-Fitr celebration.



Edition 1 (eBook): There are 14 Hubble Space Telescope images along with the corresponding literature, at the end of edition 1 eBook. These images are all connected to the story. The Hubble Space Telescope images show the reader the places that Andy and his family travelled to in his spaceship called Merkabah.

Please note – I don’t think that the Kindle eBook reader (Kindle white etc) can view colour images. Edition 1 eBook costs £3.00 GBP.

Here is the UK link for Amazon: The Adventures of Andy MacDonald: Book 1 eBook: Lawson, Janet: Kindle Store

Edition 2 (paperback): This edition doesn't contain any colour images or any Hubble Space Telescope images. Edition 2 paperback costs £5.30 GBP, plus postage.

Here is the UK link for Amazon: The Adventures of Andy MacDonald: Book 1 - second edition: Lawson, Janet: 9780993534379: Books